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Gaweł Jarosiński

Gaweł Jarosiński portret

Legal Counsel, restructuring advisor

Legal counsel, restructuring advisor. From the moment of obtaining his license, the trustee performs the functions of a temporary court supervisor, court supervisor, administrator or trustee in many proceedings before the bankruptcy and restructuring court.

Additionally, he acts as a liquidator, probation officer in commercial law companies, including State Treasury companies.

Due to over twenty years of practice, he has experience in working for companies operating in various industries, including construction, real estate, energy, defense, food, retail, and the production of metals and metal products. He specializes in crisis management, restructuring of business entities at risk, managing the assets of insolvent companies and individuals, and protecting the rights of creditors in connection with the insolvency of their debtors.

He has extensive experience in the field of his specialization, including:

  • supervision over the proper conduct of managing a business (he gained experience by performing numerous functions as a management board member, supervisory board member, management board advisor or director of the legal office)
  • legal services for commercial law companies, including public companies from the energy sector (construction of a conventional power plant with a hard coal mine, gas-fired power plants and projects to build wind farms)
  • transaction advisory in projects such as mergers and acquisitions, joint-venture, privatization, and commercialization
  • financing energy investments, including project finance
  • comprehensive advice on environmental protection issues during the investment process and after its completion, including issues related to trading in CO2 emission allowances and energy efficiency
  • contracts in the energy sector – preparing and reviewing contract drafts, developing negotiation strategies, support during negotiations
  • advising on concluding commercial contracts, offset contracts
  • cybersecurity consultancy
  • crisis counseling, including for large ones that are at risk of bankruptcy
  • entities operating in the form of capital groups
  • participation in proceedings before the restructuring and bankruptcy courts
  • negotiations with creditors, including financing institutions

Gaweł Jarosiński is fluent in English.